Sundays banner  Most people visit for the first time by coming on Sundays. We have a busy morning meeting starting at 10.30am (come earlier if you need a few seats together). There is no special dress code or anything you need to bring. You don’t need to bring any money. We have children’s work from Creche through to those that are 14. There is plenty of parking and great coffee!

During our meeting together we will have some worship and a talk along with maybe baptisms, interviews, or communion. We will try and say hello and make sure you have everything you need. We love Jesus and believe the Holy Spirit is with us so it shouldn’t be dull. Sometimes people come along with a lot on their minds, if you like we can happily pray with you. The meeting usually finishes just after 12 with an opportunity to have a drink and meet new people.

There is information on this website, our Facebook sites and in church about what else goes on. If your new a good place to start is the Welcome group which meets each week on Tuesday evenings. Hope to see you soon.