title page You can now sign up for our Sunday Service on Sunday 4th October. If you attending the service on Sunday 27th September, Please wait till Thursday morning so it gives others a chance to book in.  
It’s really important that you sign up as only people booked in will be able to come in, you won't be able to just turn up on the morning.
Below is the link where you will find the page to book you and your family in.
There are two booking processes, one is for those who would like to attend the service in the auditorium, the other for the for children and youth aged 4-14 years.
If you have children aged 0-3 years please book them in on the main booking form as Creché won't be running, but the room will be open for parents and their children, limited numbers, if needed.
You will be sent an email confirming your successful booking. You do not need to print out the tickets as your name will be registered.
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