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Built in 1812, High Street Baptist Church, Isleham, was founded on a strong evangelical tradition and was without question used by God for the extension of His Kingdom. Tom and Audrey Chipper were called to lead the church in 1965, initially for five years. Six years later they experienced baptism in the Holy Spirit and began to teach and encourage the church to embrace this teaching and experience. God moved mightily in the ensuing years drawing many people from a wide area to worship in Isleham, including many teenagers with no previous church background. Between 1973 to 1983 the church grew dramatically from a membership of 60 to 297.

In 1981 Elders were appointed to share the responsibility of the leadership. Tom laid down the pastorate in 1986 in order to serve churches in East Anglia while the local church in Isleham continued under the leadership of the Elders. Tom remained a part of the church. In 1996 Paul Hedger, who had by this time served on the Eldership for 15 years, was appointed as Lead Elder. Tom and Audrey then stepped into a new supportive role, remaining within the church. Tom sadly passed away in 2009.

In 2008 planning permission was granted for a new church building. The building has been a self build project using traditional green oak building techniques. The building is awe inspiring and truly beautiful. God continues to provide resources and expertise for its construction.

June 2016 we had our first service in the building as a completed shell. Plenty more to do but it was clear that God was doing something new and something beautiful.

Our history has been blessed and our future is in his everlasting arms.

The Original Chapel